Efforts made to supply power to southern island communes

08/08/2017 14:09:48 - views: 618

The Electricity of Vietnam’s Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC) has conducting a number of projects to provide power services to island communes in the southern region. 
Source: Icon.com.vn
EVN SPC is working with Sun Group in implementing a project to connect Hon Thom commune in Phu Quoc district in Kien Giang province with a total investment of 283 billion VND (12.45 million USD). 
The project will build 9.27km underwater cable and 22kV transmission line to provide power for 97 households in Hon Roi and about 1,000 others in Hon Thom island commune, which is expected to complete in late 2017.
At the same time, EVN SPC is carrying out another project in Kien Giang’s island communes with a total investment of 1.35 trillion VND (59.4 million USD), which is scheduled to complete by 2020.
Meanwhile, the second 220kV Kien Binh-Phu Quoc transmission line in Kien Giang is scheduled to be launched this year. The 73km line has total investment of about 2.43 trillion VND (106.92 million USD).
The EVN SPC is also reviewing the power network in Kien Giang, aiming to ensure safe and stable power supply to Phu Quoc in 2018 at a cost of 250 billion VND (11 million USD).
Last year, the firm finished two project bringing electricity to 1,956 households in Lai Son island commune and over 500 households in Hon Nghe island commune of Kien Giang province.
Earlier this year, the firm also put into operation a power supply project in Son Hai island commune of Kien Giang to serve 560 households.

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