GENCO 1’s 11-month hydropower output surpasses year’s target

18/12/2017 15:13:38 - views: 613

The Generation Corporation 1 (GENCO 1) of the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) produced more than 9 billion kWh of hydropower in the first 11 months of 2017, 40 percent higher than this year’s target.
A view of Tuyen Quang hydropower plant in the northern province of Tuyen Quang (Photo: VNA)
Meanwhile, thermal power output approximated 17 billion kWh, equivalent to 70 percent of the target, the firm said, noting that over 26 billion kWh was produced in total during the period, reaching 86 percent of the 2017 plan.
It added thanks to the big volume of water flowing into hydropower reservoirs, hydropower output by the end of November was 3 billion kWh higher than the plan for 2017.
In November alone, GENCO 1 turned out over 2.28 billion kWh of electricity, representing 90 percent of the month’s target and rising by 12 percent from a year earlier.
The company earned more than 2.7 billion VND from electricity sales during the month, including nearly 2.2 billion VND thermal power.
It will work to manufacture more than 2.1 billion kWh, including 429 million kWh of hydropower and 1.68 billion kWh of thermal power, in December to fulfil this year’s task, the corporation added.

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