EVN has signed 35 PPA for solar power projects

10/10/2018 10:02:00 - views: 813

As information from Electricity Of Vietnam (EVN), to the end of the September 2018, EVN has signed 35 power purchase agreements (PPAs) for the solar power projects with a total capacity of 2271 MW.

EVN has signed 35 PPA for solar power projects

Phong Dien solar power project (in Phong Dien district, Thua Thien-Hue province) with a capacity of 35 MW will be officially integrated to the power grid in the very beginning of the October/2028.
EVN also informed that to the July 2018 in the offices of power companies of EVN, there have been installed 54 rooftop solar power projects with a total capacity of 3,244 kWp, (of which in Hanoi Power Corporation is 52 kWp, Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation – 855 kWp, Central Power Corporation – 352 kWp and Southern Power Corporation – 1,985 kWp), and a total output of 1.1 million kWh valued about 3.1 billion VND.
At present EVN is directing it’s units to thoroughly develop their rooftop solar power potential with a total capacity of 56.4 MWp that, on the one hand contributes to reducing the pressure on the power grid, and on the other hand serves as a model for the propaganda of mobilizing people and businesses in the country to use the solar energy.

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