Krong Pa: hotspot for new solar energy projects

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Krong Pa district in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai is considered a good area for solar power projects as the temperatures can rise to 40 degree celcius.

Workers at the Krong Pa Solar Power plant - Photo:

Solar power plant workers are now putting the finishing touches on a number of solar power plants that will connect to the national power grid this month.
The 49MW plant with 209,100 solar panels is built on an area of 70.2ha at a cost of 1.4 trillion VND (60 million USD).
Begun in March 2017, the project is expected to produce 103kWh and earn 200 billion VND (8.5 million USD) per year after being put into operation.
To Van Chanh, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, was quoted by local newspapers as saying that the project would play an important role in socio-economic development and solve the employment problem in the district.
The 1, area of Krong Pa district has the highest number of sunlight hours in Gia Lai province, with 1,700 hours per year.
The standard used to build a solar power plant is 1,500 sunlight hours per year.
Ta Chi Khanh, Vice Chairman of Krong Pa district’s People’s Committee, said that 17 investors were doing field research for solar power projects in 19 locations in the province.
According to the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, the province has allowed 23 investors to invest in 33 solar power projects with total capacity of 4,000MWp.
The 33 projects include two projects that have received approval from the provincial authority with the total capacity of 98MWp, 11 projects with the capacity of 675MWp that have been submitted to authorities for approval, and 20 projects with the total capital of 3,195MWp that are still being evaluated. 
In addition, 12 investors are now looking at possible locations for another 17 solar projects with total capacity of 1,330MWp.
However, households that will be forced to move are asking for compensation of 600 million VND per hectare, much higher than the market price of 200 million VND per hectare.
The province is trying to solve the problem of site clearance and compensation, and ensure accommodations and employment for these households. 
In recent years, the authority has reduced the unemployment rate in the province.
Ksor Doi, an ethnic Jrais and an installation technician, told a local newspaper that he was trained from theory to practice on how to install solar panels in accordance with standards. With such training, he will be able to work for the upcoming solar projects.
Bui Thi Quy, chairwoman of Van Phat Green Energy Co, Ltd, said the provincial People’s Committee had allowed the company to invest in a solar power plant in Chu Ngoc commune in Krong Pa district.
The company has committed to pay compensation and create jobs for ethnic minorities.
Solar power is a green energy source which the Government is promoting and supporting.
When the solar plants begin operating, they will create a cooler sub-climate in the area due to the heat absorption of solar panels. This will help the province reduce greenhouse gases and improve the environment. 
Source: VEN

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