Earth Hour campaign kicks off in Hanoi

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A campaign to respond to the Earth Hour was launched in Hanoi on March 10, sending the message “saving energy, protecting earth”. 
Earth Hour campaign kicks off in Hanoi. (Source:
The Earth Hour campaign in Vietnam is an annual activity held during the past 11 years. It is hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), with the support of many businesses, especially the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), which serves as the sponsor of the campaign. 
The campaign is one of the actions of the Vietnamese Government and people, demonstrating their commitment to joining hands with the world in the fight against climate change. 
In 2009, Vietnam had only six provinces and cities across the country participating in the campaign, but now this event is joined by many localities nationwide, as well as organisations and businesses. 
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Director of the MoIT’s Energy Saving and Sustainable Development Department Nguyen Thi Lam Giang called on organisations, individuals, families and enterprises to take specific actions against climate change. 
Vo Quang Lam, EVN Deputy Director, said all employees of the group will actively respond to the Earth Hour campaign 2019 with many practical activities.
He said turning off lighting equipment in the Earth Hour event not only reminds people of saving energy but also aims at an important goal - protecting the environment and adapting to climate change, adding that each small action will bring in great efficiency and actions of each person will contribute to protecting the earth.
The programme’s organising board said during March 2019, many meaningful activities such as exchange programmes, workshops, art exhibitions, and a light turning-off ceremony will be held within the framework of the campaign. 
The Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It has been described as the largest world grassroots movement for the environment, with the involvement of around 7,000 cities in 172 countries and territories so far. 
In Vietnam, activities responding to the Earth Hour are coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the support of the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN). The EVN has been the main sponsor of the Earth Hour movement in the country for 10 consecutive years, since Vietnam joined the campaign in 2009.

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