Mui Dinh wind farm inaugurated in Ninh Thuan

23/04/2019 15:31:06 - views: 88

The Mui Dinh Wind Power company invested in by German EAB Newenergy GmbH inaugurated the Mui Dinh wind farm in Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, recently, after over a year of construction and two months of trial runs.

The second wind power plant in Ninh Thuan connected to the national grid - Photo: NDO
The plant has a total investment of over VND1,472 billion (US$63.29 million). The first phase of the project is designed to have a capacity of 37.6MW.
Chairman of EAB Newenergy GmbH, Klaus Dieter Lietzmann, said that the construction of the plant commenced in August 2016 including 16 turbines, which are the most modern turbines produced by ENERCON GmbH from Germany.
He noted that the project was supervised and supported by foreign experts, under which, the construction and installation process ensures the safety measures and quality criteria of Vietnamese and European standards.
The Mui Dinh wind power plant will contribute 100 kWh of clean energy to the national grid.
This is the second wind power plant of the total 12 wind power plants to be put into operation in Ninh Thuan, contributing to promoting local socio-economic development and turning Ninh Thuan into a national centre of renewable energy pursuant to the Government Resolution 115.
Ninh Thuan has witnessed the construction of 18 solar and three wind power projects since 2018. Nine power projects are expected to be inaugurated this month with a total capacity of over 600MW.
Source: VEN

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