Nghe An Power Company receives second-class Labor Medal

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The Nghe An Electricity Company organised a ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the construction and development of Nghe An Power Company and receive the second-class Labor Medal, in Vinh city, Nghe An province, on April 27.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, as authorized by the President, presented the second-class Labor Medal to Nghe An Power Company

The ceremony was attended by Politburo member, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue; Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) and Head of the CPVCC’s Commission for Internal Affairs Phan Dinh Trac; and representatives of leaders of ministries, departments and sectors in Nghe An province along with a large number of officials and employees of Nghe An Power Company.
At the event, delegates and generations of the electricity industryreviewed the journey over the past 60 years, during which, with the efforts of generations of officials and employees, Nghe An electricity industry has contributed positively to socio-economic development in the locality. In recent years, many projects have been implemented to bring electricity to remote areas, border and coastal areas, and to serve key economic zones and industrial parks.
In recent years, electricity output and revenue have grown dramatically. In 2010, commercial electricity output of the whole company reached 1,102 million kWh, with electricity revenue of VND1,084 billion, and in 2017, commercial electricity revenue of the whole company rose to over VND4 trillion, up by over 16% compared to 2016.
Nghe An Power Company is managing and operating 27 110kV-substations, 32 intermediate stations, 5,594 distribution stations, 6,400 km of medium voltage lines, 16,740 km of low voltage lines. With annual commercial electricity output of over 3 billion kWh and more than VND 5,300 billion in revenue, they are currently selling electricity directly to more than 950,000 customers.
Despite many difficulties, the staff of Nghe An Power Company has made great efforts to successfully fulfill all targets assigned by the Northern Power Corporation, ensuring safe and full power supply with high-quality service.
To recognise the achievements, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, as authorized by the President, presented the second-class Labor Medal to Nghe An Power Company and awarded the third-class Labor Medal to two individuals, who had excellent achievements in work.
On the same day, in Quan Hanh town, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue attended a ceremony to mark the 550th anniversary of the establishment of Nghi Loc district and 125 years since the naming of Nghi Loc district.
The Deputy Prime Minister presented the second-class Labor Medal to Nghi Loc district Party committee, government and people.
Source: NDO

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