Handing investment license for QNY solar power project

10/05/2019 10:06:00 - views: 114

On May 06, 2019, the management board of Binh Dinh Provincial Economic Zone held a ceremony to hand the investment license certificate for QNY solar power project.

Handing investment license for QNY solar power project

QNY Solar Power Project with a capacity of 40 MWp and a total investment capital of more than 1,612 billion VND equivalent to 70 million US$ is developed on an area of around 40 ha in the western side of Phuong Mai Mountain, in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone.
This is the second solar power project in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. The project invested by QNY Energy Joint Stock Company (Korea) with an operation period of 50 years since the date of handing investment license certificate. According to the registration schedule, the project will be completed and connected with the national power system by June of 2020.Binh Dinh is valued as a province with a large potential of solar power.
In this province, the solar radiation intensity is estimated at 5.24 kWh/m2/day, higher than the national average of 3-5 kWh/m2/ day. The average number of sunshine hours is nearly 7 hours/day.

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