Rooftop solar panels grab more attention

10/06/2019 16:17:07 - views: 11

Power cut is a worry of many people during hot season. However, solar power development projects are considered as optimal solutions for this problem, including rooftop solar panels which not only bring benefits to households but also contribute to reducing pressure for electricity sector.
After studying about clean energy, this family invested about nearly 2,200 USD to install a solar power panel system. During a cloudy day with a temperature of about 20-25 Celsius degree, the solar panels still can generate up to 800 W a day and up to 2,400 W during sunny days.
Currently, solar power is the world’s development tendency. The electricity sector in the northern area has promoted and encouraged people to save energy and shifted to this clean power.
Moreover, families can register to resell their excess electricity for the electricity sector.
According to experts, initial investment capital for rooftop solar panels is reasonable, therefore it has received warm response from many households.
Effectiveness in using solar energy will continue to play an important role in socio-economic development as well as environmental protection. 

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