Vietnam’s largest solar farm inaugurated in Tay Ninh province

09/09/2019 15:11:58 - views: 15

The Dau Tieng solar farm cluster, the largest of its kind in Vietnam and Southeast Asia at 420 megawatts, has been inaugurated in the southern province of Tay Ninh.
The inauguration ceremony of the Dau Tieng solar farm.
The project, a joint venture between Vietnam’s Xuan Cau Co. Ltd and Thailand’s Grimm Power Public, was built at a total cost of VND9.1 trillion (US$391.3 million) on 504 hectares of semi-submerged areas of Dau Tieng Lake.
After ten months of construction, the farm was officially put into operation on September 7, providing about 688 million kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the consumption of nearly 320,000 households.
It is estimated that electricity generated by the farm can meet the power demand of Tay Ninh city and supply additional power to the southern region.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Nguyen Van Binh, head of the Central Economic Commission, hailed the project as a pioneer in harnessing renewable energy, which also demonstrates the economic cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand.
He added that Vietnam is encouraging investment in renewable energy as additions to national power sources and gradually replacing traditional energy sources such as hydro and thermal electricity.
The Dau Tieng farm has helped transform Tay Ninh into a major solar power hub, with ten projects with a total capacity of 808 megawatts. To date, nine projects with a combined capacity of 668 megawatts have been completed.
Source: Nhandan

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