T&T Group proposes LNG project in Quảng Trị

26/12/2019 16:02:21 - views: 159

T&T Group proposed investment for Hải Lăng liquefied natural gas (LNG) electricity centre with total capital of US$4.4 billion in a meeting with the Quảng Trị People’s Committee last week.
Specifically, the project has a scale of nearly 120 hectares, located in Hải An and Hải Ba communes, Hải Lăng District in the Southeast Economic Zone.
The project has a phase 1 capacity of 1,200-1,500 MW and a phase 2 capacity from 2,400 - 3,000 MW. Phase 1 is expected to go into operation from 2028.
The project is in line with the construction plan of the Southeast Economic Zone and the provincial socio-economic development orientation, as well as gas industry development plan and projects in need of gas in the province by 2025, said the provincial department of industry and trade.
The Electricity of Việt Nam (EVN)’s branch in the province highly appreciated the capacity of T&T Group and believed in their ability to implement the project.
The province agreed on the research and proposal document for Hải Lăng LNG electricity centre in April.
Apart from the LNG project, T&T Group also proposed investing in three real estate projects to contribute to change the face and develop the local economy.
They are Gio Hải urban-tourism service area projects; eastern urban area of Đông Hà City project; and Triệu Vân tourist-service project.

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