Hà Tĩnh approves $695 million wind power plant

10/06/2020 10:35:25 - views: 135

The People's Committee of the central province of Hà Tĩnh has approved a wind power project with a total investment of VNĐ16.2 trillion (US$695.3 million).
Illustration photo. Kỳ Anh MK wind power plant project is expected to start between June, 2022 and December, 2023.— Photo enternews.vn
The project is studied, invested and built by the Mk Central Solar Power JSC in Kỳ Anh District.
The project consists of four plants, each of which has a capacity of 100.8MW. The generation capacity of the whole project is 1,139 GWh per year.
Operation time is expected to be between June 2022 and December 2023.
The plant is built based on advantages, policies and natural potential of the province when using renewable and eco-friendly energy sources.
The project will contribute to increase the provincial budget revenue, the national electricity supply and energy security.
However, due to the current survey location and the study of construction investment projects have not been included in the list of power sources under the national power grid development plan for the period 2011-20 with a vision to 2030.
Therefore, Trần Tiến Hưng, chairman of the provincial people's committee, has just signed a document to submit to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to consider and approve Kỳ Anh MK wind power plant project into the national electricity development plan for the period of 2011-20 with a vision to 2030. 

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