Signing EPC contract for coal port and jetty of Quang Trach Power Center project

14/07/2020 10:16:56 - views: 228

On July 11, 2020 in Quang Binh, Power Project Management Unit 2 (PMU 2), and Consortium of Phu Xuan Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company, Pacific Group Joint Stock Company and Hydraulic Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company held a ceremony for signing EPC contract for the package No 24 including coal port and jetty of Quang Trach Power Center with Quang Trach 1 and Quang Trach 2 thermal power plants (TPPs).

The signing ceremony of the contract of package 24
The package 24 "Design, supply of goods and construction (EPC) of port categories for importing coal and breakwaters." This is one of the packages of the Infrastructure Project of Quang Trach Power Center and Quang Trach 1 Thermal Power Plant Project.
According to PMU Power 2, Quang Trach coal port and jetty can receive ships of 100,000 DWT providing 7.2 million tons of coal per year for Quang Trach 1&2 TPPs (2x1200 MW). A total investment level of these projects are estimated about 4,820 billion VND, and they expect to be completed after 35 months since the date for signing contract of July 11, 2020.
Mr. Nguyen Phu Xuan - Chairman of the Management Council of Phu Xuan Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company, Representative of the contractor consortium committed to seriously implement the current regulations and requirements of the investor to ensure the progress and quality of the project.

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