EVN powers up all customer services

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Pursuing comprehensive reform, the biggest, state-owned power corporation/group in Vietnam - Vietnam Electricity (EVN) - has implemented a digital transformation of its customer services, which are all performed online now as level-4 public services. 

Level-4 online electricity services
Procedures including service orders, contract signatures and payment can be carried out online.
EVN is offering three of eight services on the national public service portal, including registering and supplying of new medium- and low-voltage customers, and payment of electricity charges.
EVN strives to diversify information channels towards greater openness and transparency of the electricity industry’s regulations and procedures through customer care websites, direct responses via a 24/7 hotline for customer care centers nationwide and customer-care mobile applications (app).
In 2013, EVN became the first unit in the country to apply electronic invoices and coordinate with banks and intermediaries to promote non-cash payments, including automated debt payment, payment via internet banking, and electronic wallets, among others. EVN upgraded its online electricity services from levels 1 and 2 in December 2015 to level 3 in December 2017.
On December 21, 2018, EVN officially announced its provision of level-4 online electricity services - the highest level of online public services. EVN has so far cooperated with 39 of 63 provinces and cities nationwide to build a one-stop policy for new electricity supply through medium-voltage electrical grids, with all electricity services provided through the public administrative center and online public service portals of provinces and cities nationwide.
EVN has digitized many of its services to maximize customer comfort.

Electronic services
The community has recognized EVN’s strides in the application of electronic transaction methods. In September 2019, the Vietnam Digital Communication Association awarded the Vietnam Digital Awards to EVN and a number of units in the electricity sector.
EVN currently provides electronic power sales/purchase contracts and all electricity services online. Customers implement digital signature upon receiving a one-time password (OTP) via phone messages or email.
Nguyen Quoc Dung, Head of the EVN Business Department, said online services have shortened the service time and helped improve labor productivity, reduce costs and better satisfy customers. They reflect EVN’s orientation in business and customer service development through application of Industry 4.0 technology in order to respond to the government’s policy on promoting a digital economy and non-cash payments, Hung said.
EVN’s reforms have been highly rated by domestic and foreign organizations. In late October 2019, the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 evaluated the competitiveness indicators of 190 countries, including their access to electricity. Vietnam ranked fourth among ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries on the access-to-electricity index and 27th of 190 countries.

Source: VEN

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