Nghe An province to propose developing two floating SPPs

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) informed that In a report to the Prime Minister, Nghe An province proposed to supplement two floating solar power projects (FSPPs) on Vuc Mau and Khe Go lakes in Quynh Luu district to the PDP VII (adjusted).
Nghe An province to propose developing two floating SPPs
Nghe An province to propose developing two floating SPPs.

Vuc Mau FSPP with an installed capacity of 200 MWp, a total investment level of 3,100 billion VND, occupies an area of 214 ha of water surface on Vuc Mau lake in Quynh Thang commune.
Khe Go FSPP with an installed capacity of 250 MWp, a total investment level of 3,473 billion VND, occupies an area of 280 ha of land, water surface and semi-submerged land on Khe Go lake in Tan Son commune.
It is expected that two projects will sell electricity to the Electricity of Vietnam with a payback period of 14 years for Vuc Mau FSPP and 17 years for Khe Go FSPP.
According to MOIT, for these projects will be applied pilot electricity price bidding mechanism. Therefore, investors must be responsible for the project feasibility by the price level complied with as a result of the project for the calculated price, comply with the electricity price bidding mechanism accepted by the Prime Minister and the other related regulations at the date of the project operation.
According to the comments of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (MOIT), at the present, development of FSPPs is a new trend in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. FSPPs have the advantages on economy and implementation process compared to the solar power projects on the ground such as saving land area, land clearance costs, ... However, these projects need to be considered and carefully evaluated for environmental impacts, construction solutions so as not to pollute the lake bed, affect water quality, reservoir ecosystem as well as the project safety.
Regarding these two projects, the Electricity Regulatory Authority worries about the low solar radiation potential at the project sites as only 3.88 kWh/m2/day compared to the average radiation potential in Nghe An province as 4.04 kWh/m2/day and in other areas in the country. So the Electricity Regulatory Authority proposes to carefully consider and calculate project efficiency.
Up to now, in Nghe An province there is no any concentrated renewable energy project supplemented to the power development planning (PDP). Vuc Mau and Khe Go FSPPs in Quynh Luu district are the first large ones in this province proposed to be supplemented to PDP.

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