GE Vietnam inks service deal with EVNGENCO 3

27/10/2020 14:32:23 - views: 16

GE Vietnam on Monday announced a new contract with Vietnamese State-owned power utility Power Generation Joint Stock Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) to continue supplying parts and services for its Phú Mỹ 2.1 and 4 Power Plants.
Representatives of GE Vietnam and EVNGENCO 3 sign the new contract in HCM City on Monday.
The two plants are located in the 3,900-megawatt (MW) Phú Mỹ Power Generation Centre in the south and provide approximately 10 per cent of the country’s energy needs.
The five-year service agreement includes the provision of new and reconditioning parts, as well as on-site services for four GE GT13E2 gas turbines and STF-D200 combined cycle steam turbine units, helping increase EVNGENCO 3’s power plants’ safe and reliable operations and efficiency.
Speaking at the contract ceremony held in HCM City, CEO of GE Vietnam Phạm Hồng Sơn said Việt Nam has achieved impressive progress towards rapid economic development in the past few decades built on the backdrop of increasing access to electricity to power its people and businesses.
“We are honoured to continue to provide with EVNGENCO3 our safe, reliable, and in-region support, and ultimately help Việt Nam achieve its energy goals for its national economic growth,” Sơn said.
During the ceremony, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed with EVNGENCO3 as part of GE’s commitment to supporting the growth of the country’s power sector and human capital development. The MoU envisages that GE will support training and capability building of EVNGENCO 3’s personnel to perform field services related to steam turbine and generator equipment maintenance.
GE and EVNGENCO3 will also explore collaboration for service opportunities related to the steam turbine and generator equipment owned by EVNGENCO3 and other power generation companies.
GE provides up to 27 per cent of the Việt Nam electricity needs, where there is an installed power generation capacity of about 55GW. GE currently has a fleet of 25 gas turbines and seven steam turbines. 
Source: Vietnam news

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