Binh Dinh proposes to add offshore wind power project to PDP VIII

04/01/2021 16:42:00 - views: 123

Information from Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee, recently, the provincial People's Committee reported to the Prime Minister on the addition of the Binh Dinh offshore wind power plant to the National Power Development Plan in the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision up to 2045 (PDP VIII) as a basis for project investment promotion in accordance with the law.

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According to the report, the Binh Dinh offshore wind power plant is considered a super investment project in renewable energy field, invested by the PNE Group (Germany).
The PNE Group is approved by the Provincial People's Committee to survey, research, and install wind measuring poles, and assess wind potential in some marine areas in Phu Cat and Phu My districts, Binh Dinh province. Institute of Energy - consulting unit to prepare documents for researching proposal, supplement to the planning.
Binh Dinh offshore wind power plant has a total capacity of 2,000 MW, including 3 investment phases of Pilot phase, 700 MW, expected to put into operation in 2025; Expansion phase 1 with a capacity of 700 MW, expected to put into operation in 2026; Expansion phase 2 with a capacity of 600 MW, is expected to put into operation in 2027.
The total area of the survey, research, and supplementary proposal for the Binh Dinh offshore wind power plant plan is 96,470 hectares, mainly on seawater surface, which does not overlap with the approved construction plans. The total project investment is 4.8 billion USD.
According to the Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee, this is a large-scale foreign direct investment project, if implemented, it will provide a significant output of electricity for the province in particular and the country in general, contributing to ensuring national energy security.

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