Da Nang Power Company: Establishes 5 underlying power plants

17/06/2009 15:27:23 - views: 2,511

Complying with the policy of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) about upgrading power branches to power plants, on June 8, 2009, Da Nang Power One Member Limited Company made an announcement of establishing 5 underlying power plants based on the former branches.

The five branches are the power branches in the area No.1, 2, 3 and 4 and Thanh Khe power branch. Also, the company publicized the decision on appointing the leaders for the power plants. Setting up the underlying power plants, Da Nang Power Company wants to enhance the role of power managing, guarantee energy security, contributing to the power supply for production and everyday use of citizens.

Accordingly, those power plants are the dependent accounting members of Da Nang Power One Member Limited Company which can use their own seal and open their own accounts in banks to carry out transactions. The plants have to conform to the law and the guidance and regulations issued by Da Nang Power Company.

From: Moit.gov.vn

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