Hai Phong thermal power project: Fall behind progress

09/04/2009 16:29:35 - views: 2,505

Hai Phong thermal power project, which has the total capacity of 1,200 MW with two components, namely Hai Phong Thermal Company 1 and 2, has the total investment of USD 1.2 billion and is invested by Vietnam Electricity (EVN). It is constructed in Tam Hung commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city. The group of contractors Dongfang (China) and Marubenni (Japan) is the EPC contractor of the project.

As revealed by Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company, some categories of Hai Phong Thermal Power Company 1 (600 MW) are falling behind schedule, which may affect the power generating progress of unit 1. For example, there have just been 66 out of 130 uncased piles constructed in the area of the water gate; the installation of circulation pipe is 65% completed; the installation of coal loading equipment and conveyor system has only been 70% finished and so on.

In Hai Phong Thermal Company 2 (600 MW), most of the land of the plant has been handed over to contractors; however, the mobilization of workforce and machinery still encounters difficulties, which has slowed down the progress rate.

According to the EPC contractor Dongfang, this is resulted from the capital problems. EVN wants to reduce the capital contribution in the Company from 87.5% to 60%. The withdrawal of 27.5% which equals to VND 1.375 billion is calling for another shareholder. Besides, there remains the VAT of about VND 47.7 billion derived from the exports which have not been reimbursed in line with the new VAT Law applied since January 1st, 2009. Meanwhile, the loan from Excim Bank China to Hai Phong Thermal Power Company 2 has not become effective, so there will be more difficulties facing the project.

In comparison with the EPC contract which has come into force sine November 26th, 2005, that the unit 1 of Hai Phong Company 1 will generate power in quarter IV/2008 and the unit 2 in quarter II/2009 will slow down the progress rate. Also, when compared to the conclusion of the Government Mission Group after checking the centered-point projects, the progress is falling behind for one month. However, the contractor Dongfang ensures to commercially generate power the unit 1 of Hai Phong Thermal Company 11 in October 2009 and the unit 2 in December 2009.

Thanh Mai


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