EVN entrusts Indra in modernising an intergrated finance and materials management system

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EVN, aligned with its vision of being a world-class company, recently signed a contract with INDRA, a premier IT company in Spain, to jointly carry out the implementation of the Integrated Finance and Materials Management System (IFMMIS) project. The project covers the automation and optimization of essential processes of EVN in the areas of finance, materials, project and payroll management at EVN’s headquarters in Hanoi and in over 30 sites including power plants, transmission companies, power companies, telecom companies and other identified subsidiaries.

Using the Oracle eBusiness Suite (Oracle software products including Financial Management System, Projects, Payroll, Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Intelligence), INDRA will implement a proven best-fit software package, which complies with the laws and regulations of Vietnam and will be adapted to the unique characteristics of EVN on how it manages its specific business processes.  

With the project’s formal launch held last September, EVN is envisioned to gain the best benefits of a controlled and standardized environment in implementing the IFMMIS system.  This will enable sharing of data across EVN and its subsidiaries to promote better operational efficiency and financial sustainability through data consistency and process alignment.

Project Approach and Methodology

Aligned with the project’s objectives and deliverables, INDRA will employ a “tried and tested” implementation framework based on past global system implementation experiences where it promotes an integrated methodology and participatory approach.  This means that a clear process design is being developed by both EVN and INDRA to ensure that each project phase is well-planned and dependencies of all components in each phase has been considered in the plan.  Active participation of all project stakeholders is also a key in developing a system output that is relevant and responds to the specific requirements of EVN.

Aside from considering the project’s technical requirements, INDRA also takes into account the organizational impact of preparing EVN in transitioning to the newly developed, improved and integrated system applications.  Activities to manage and control organizational changes will be developed and at the same time, various training programs for EVN management and staff will be conducted to ensure an effective knowledge transfer.

To date, members of the INDRA project team, together with the Technology Transfer Team (TTT) of EVN and also with identified people in subsidiaries are in the process of conducting data gathering activities to 32 EVN subsidiaries as part of developing the business design for IFMMIS.  Key persons from the Finance and Logistics departments in each of the 32 subsidiaries are providing the information on the current practices and processes in EVN. One critical activity from this phase is to perform “gap analysis” where discrepancies and process misalignments are identified, analyzed and resolved in a systematic, objective and transparent way.  Input from this phase will be very important in developing the final solution that will be proposed for EVN.

IFMMIS is expected to be up and running by the 4th quarter of next year for the 1st phase of implementing the system to 8 EVN sites.

Key Drivers and Critical Success Factors

To ensure a successful project implementation, 3 very critical factors must be ensured:

1. Active Stakeholder Participation

It is very important that EVN top management is informed and updated at all times so that they can perform strategic and timely decisions that may have impact on the project’s deliverables and task prioritization. They must actively work with the project team to achieve envisioned goals and objectives.

2. Organizational Readiness

To successfully implement, it must be ensured that both technical and non-technical requirements had been sufficiently addressed.  This means that necessary infrastructure, interfaces between systems, quality of data and business processes and organization’s change readiness have been accounted for and that immediate measures to counter all potential challenges and difficulties are already in place.

3. End-User Participation

Lastly, all efforts will not be realized without the participation and cooperation of all system end-users.  Collaboration between the project team and end-users’ input will be very crucial during the development and implementation phases of the project as it will determine the application’s responsiveness in addressing the specific needs of EVN.

IFMMIS in Full Gear

After the formal kick-off last September, the Project Team of EVN and INDRA are now in full gear towards realizing the project’s goals and objectives.  On-going requirements gathering in 32 subsidiaries are now being conducted.  Resource representatives in Logistics and Finance from each subsidiary are being mobilized.  These people will play major roles in the various phases of the project including review and validation sessions, acceptance testing as well as in the actual implementation. More exciting developments will be released in the next following months and that we encourage everyone involved for their active participation.  With INDRA’s technological expertise and EVN’s local industry know-how combined, value-adding organizational developments are now at hand. 

INDRA in Southeast Asia

Headquartered in Philippines and with 500 professionals INDRA has been present in Southeast Asia since 1995. Among the most recent projects for the utilities sector we can highlight the agreement, in 2006, with the Vietnamese government to modernise the electricity system of the country and the development of the programme for horizontal disintegration of state-owned Electricity of Vietnam in its main business sectors: generation, transport and distribution. In addition, the IT Company is involved in a project with several countries, financed by the Asian development Bank. The project consists of energy transmission among the largest countries at the south of the Mekong (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Myanmar and Thailand). Besides this, the company was also awarded the contract for global technological outsourcing with Meralco, the largest electricity company of Philippines.  For public administrations, INDRA recently undertook a project for the Supreme Court of Philippines to modernise justice administration in the country.
INDRA is a premier Information Technology company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America. It is ranked as the second European company in its sector according to stock market capitalisation, and it is one of the three Spanish companies with more investment in R&D. In 2007, revenues reached US$3,200M, of which a third came from the international market. The company employs more than 24.000 professionals and has clients in more than 90 countries.

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