Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company: Achievements after equitization

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After 2 years of equitization, Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company has gained considerable achievements.

In 2006, the Company produced 7.254 billion kWh of power, accomplishing 108% of the plan, which is 7.2% higher than that of 2005. It was the year when the Company achieved the highest power output after 22 years of operation. In 2007, although the operation time of units decreased due to periodical maintenance, the Company produced 5.846 billion kWh of power in the first 10 months of the year, accounting for 90.4% of the year’s plan. The after tax profit was VND 775 billion, approximately 127.33% of the year’s plan; the average income per capita was VND 4.8 million/month, and the first period’s dividend was 10% (the year’s plan for that was 15%). Outside-work activities, holidays and welfare of labourers were all extended and improved.


Apart from investing nearly VND 300 billion in establishing Joint Stock Companies, namely North Thermal Power Service Company, Huoi Quang – Ban Chat Hydropower Company, the Company has decided to invest VND 1,800 billion in thermopower projects. Currently, the Company is preparing the paperwork to participate in transferring listed stocks in Singapore Securities Trading Floor. The outstanding feature here is that after equitization, all aspects of the Company have been strengthened and developed extensively as well as intensively.

Such competitions as “Safe and economical operation shift” or “Green – clean – tidy, guaranteeing security and hygiene at workplace” were enhanced in quality. On the occasion of the campaign called “Study and follow the moral resplendent example of Ho Chi Minh”, the Company organized seven classes to introduce and popularize documents of the moral resplendent example of Ho Chi Minh for 2,153 labourers (100%). And also, the Company held writing competition on topics related to anti-corruption, anti-squandering, Practice on Saving Law and Habitation Law, which attracted 30 – 70% of the workforce. Especially, this was the first time that there had been two organizations which were praised for the saving achievements with the mount of money of VND 29 million. In order to raise the quality of the campaign of leading a cultural life, the Director and Company’s Union held the conference on summarizing the five-year activities of “Cultural family” campaign (2002 – 2007), evaluating the five years of complying with the Decision released by the Prime Minister of “Vietnamese Family Day”, and praising 15 typical cultural families and 368 excellent pupils in 2006 – 2007 school year with the reward of over VND 40 million. Moreover, the Company consolidated the organization and staffs, reformed the Operation Regulations of workforce’s accommodation, motivating 100% of households to make the engagement not to commit crimes. In addition to welfare projects like the stadium, swimming pool, library, ping pong club, the Company in 2007 built a tennis yard. It organized 3 internal competitions of volley ball consisting of 25 teams and 15 competitions for males and females with 40 teams, financed kindergartens and study encouragement funds with VND 60 million, motivated staffs to contribute to charity funds with just under VND 400 million. 

With such achievements and future objectives as well, Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company is undoubtedly one of the most typical enterprises in the renovation cause.

From Union News, January and February 2008


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