Electric Power University: Affirm its fame in Techmart 2007

17/10/2007 00:00:00 - views: 2,027

From July 19 to July 22, in Giang Vo Exhibition Center, Hanoi, there will be the Exhibition of equipment and technology in the capital Hanoi 2007 (Techmart 2007). There will be hundreds of entrepreneurs, colleges and universities in Hanoi attending.
Electric Power University (EPU), which belongs to Vietnam Electricity, will attend Techmart 2007 for the first time and will introduce products designed and manufactured by officers and lecturers of EPU such as 1 phase power meters, 3 phase power meters, capacity compensating equipments, reactive power compensation equipments, synchronic relays, external warning devices, wireless fixed telephones, Modem ADSL EPU-616, multiple choice test system on the Internet, etc. Besides, EPU has publicized in the exhibition the branches of knowledge that the university has been carrying out. In addition, in the booth of Electric Power University will there be power-saving equipments like Compact lights.

At present, EPU is training in such fields as Power system, Technology- Energy- Energy Management, Automatic Technology, Mechanical Technology, Electrical Communication and so on. EPU has more than 5000 students attending the Middle Class, College and University. After graduation, those students will be the additional human resource for power plants.
Le Hao

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