Package: Supply canoes for operation management of A Vuong hydropower reservoir

23/11/2007 00:00:00 - views: 1,699

Project: A Vuong Hydropower

Party calling for tenders: Production Officer Board – Project Management Board of Hydropower No.3

Method of selecting contractors: International shopping

Capital resource: Basic depreciation, major overhaul, and for production and business activities of the Company in 2008

Period of issuing requirement document: from 8h to 11h on November 26, 2007 

Time of finishing bidding: 11h on November 30, 2007

Address of bidding document issuing: Material Planning Department, Production Officer Board – Project Management Board of Hydropower No.3, Tay Cau, Tuyen Son, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. Tel: (0511) 211103; Fax: (0511) 643885

Price of bidding document: 



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