Information Technology Center seeks recruitment

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EVN’s Information Technology Center is a member of the Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) functioning as a center of researching and developing IT projects on power industry comprising of  ERP software system, electric Information System of Customer Management, Power Plant Management, Customer Management system and telecom’s tariff accounting system, software systems used for financial companies, banks, etc. Some vacancies are required to meet our business demand:

1.    Computer programmers:


- College degree or higher degree in information technology, mathematics and computer science gained in local or international universities.

-   Ability to program in several programming languages like .net, Java, etc.

- Good understanding and using at least one of database management systems such as SQL Server, Oracle.

-    Ability to read and translate English documents.

2.     Applying  software developers:




-     ollege degree or higher degree in information technology


-     bility to acquire professional knowledge in financial accounting, business administrating;


-     Ability to administrate and program in database management systems such as SQL Server or Oracle;


-     Communication and presentation skills;


-     Ability to read and translate English documents.

Documents required: Curriculum vitae (CV) confirmed by university or local authority enclosed with two 4x6cm photos; birth certificate; certified copies of certificates and score-board, health checkup certificate (given by hospitals in level of districts or higher validating in 6months from now)

Contacting address: EVN IT Center, Department of Personnel and Labour

 No.16 Le Dai Hanh Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Tel: (04) 222 5210 (ext. 635)

Or Mr. Nguyen Van Bac, Personnel officer, cell phone number 0982.134.182

Note: Apply online to or (add original documents on examination)

Details in Website:

Deadline for application: from 28 September to 10 October 2007

Examination date: 13 October 2007 (planned)

Examination includes interviewing, a programming test and an English test.

Details of time and place will be released after 11 October 2007.



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