Khanh Hoa Power Plant invests in real estate

31/10/2007 00:00:00 - views: 1,781

Khanh Hoa Power Join Stock Company (KHP) is processing the establishment of some companies and joining the capital contribution to invest in real estate area.

As planned by Vietnam Electricity (EVN), Khanh Hoa Power Plant is setting up Nha Trang Electricity Real Estate Join Stock Company (EVNLAND – Nha Trang) with the chartered capital of VND 1,000 billion to invest in resorts, hotels and office buildings in Khanh Hoa.


The company is also putting up Khanh Hoa Investment and Development Join Stock Company (JSC) with the chartered capital of VND 100 billion, of which the company holds 51% of shares, taking business activities of investment in small hydropower construction, Northern Cam Ranh Industrial Region’s infrastructure, and real estate.


KHP joined capital contribution with Ha Thanh Securities JSC on real estate investment and stock services. The company possesses 750,000 normal shares with the value of VND 10,000/share and the buying price of VND 25,000/share, accounting for 5% of the chartered capital of Ha Thanh Securities JSC. And also, the company has pledged to contribute capital to establish Sai Gon Power Real Estate JSC with the shareholdings of 1,500,000 shares under the value of VND 10,000/share, making up 1% of the chartered capital of Sai Gon Power Real Estate JSC.


Besides, Khanh Hoa Power takes part in contributing capital to set up Electric Equipment JSC in Ho Chi Minh City and Cho River Hydropower JSC; to invest in EVN-Laos Hydropower JSC and hydropower project along with Power Company No.3.


Those companies will be put into operation in November and December, 2007.



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