New feature to help customers evaluate service quality

24/06/2022 13:20:00 - views: 88

The Central Power Corporation Customer Care Center (EVNCPC.CC) has implemented an effective solution to instantly understand customer satisfaction with service quality through the EVNCPC.CC's 19001909 Customer Care switchboard.  
Customers can easily evaluate the satisfaction level of EVNCPC Customer Service Center’s service by pressing the "1" or "0" key.
Accordingly, before ending the call, the Customer Care Center provides a feature so that the customer can directly evaluate the service quality of the telephone operator/consultant with 2 options: "Satisfied" (press key 1) and "Not satisfied" (press key 0).
EVNCPC.CC is the first unit of 5 power sector service centers to deploy a feature that allows customers to directly assess satisfaction after a call.
When using this feature, the computer system will automatically recognize the phone number that does not have the Customer Care app installed to send a request to invite customers to evaluate the service quality. As for customers who have installed the app, customers can have the option of performing a quality assessment on the app.
The feature of inviting customers to evaluate immediately after the call was implemented by EVNCPC.CC from 20 June 2022.
Right in the first days of implementation, this new feature has been used and highly appreciated by customers for the solicitation of EVNCPC.CC in serving and taking care of customers.
Also thanks to the evaluation results immediately after the call that the customer made, the Customer Care Center promptly detected and recorded cases where the customer rated "Not satisfied". The Customer Care Center will immediately contact these customers to survey, understand, and support additional information that customers still have problems with, ensuring that all customers feel satisfied, well served, and consulted when calling the hotline 1900.1909.
Source: EVN

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