Continue to accelerate the construction schedule of Ialy Hydropower Plant Extension Project

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As one of the directions of Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of EVN's Member Board, at the meeting to review the implementation schedule of the Ialy Hydropower Plant expansion project on 7th September 2022, in Gia Lai province.

Chairman of EVN's Member Board Duong Quang Thanh speaking a conclusion at the meeting.

Exceeding the construction schedule, ensuring the environment
According to the report of Power Project Management Board 2 (EVNPMB 2), the COVID-19 epidemic and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict have caused many impacts, in which the price of materials has increased compared to the time of bidding (petrol oil increased by nearly 100%, steel increased by 30%, etc). However, the consortium of contractors has made great efforts in operating, constructing, and bringing many items ahead of schedule by 1-3 months. Some items have been completed such as spillway underground; construction niche; 1, 2, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A auxiliary tunnels; dyke dam for water intake; chamber under the pressurized tower; T1 water flow wall; digging and reinforcing the plant foundation pit; diversion canal (area without natural forest), etc.
The supervision consultant has performed the task of supervising the construction quality of the work to guarantee according to regulations. The engineer on duty shall inspect and accept the construction work and confirm in the construction log of the contractor fully according to the regulations of the State and EVN.
In addition, EVNPMB 2 also supervises and urges construction through the contractor's camera system for surveillance and security control installed at the construction site. Which, the contractor has installed 15/15 construction surveillance cameras at the plant items, discharge canal, tunnels, and assembly yards. The acquired images are transmitted to the monitoring screen of the Project Management Board. Update daily construction status reports with images, weekly reports, monthly reports, and daily diaries, etc to EVN's investment management and construction monitoring software.
The observation of blasting vibrations during construction is continuously monitored. Explosion oscillation velocity signals that have been recorded are all smaller than the design requirements, without affecting the existing works.
On the construction site, a 22-member Environmental, Social, Health, and Safety Management Team has been established. The construction environmental monitoring observational results meet the requirements of the approved environmental impact assessment.
Efforts to complete the project earlier than planned
Chairman of EVN's Member Board Duong Quang Thanh directed, that in the coming time, EVNPMB 2 and the contractor should focus on measures to avoid floods and ensure the safety of the works. Working closely with local authorities, Ialy Hydropower Company provides effective flood prevention solutions during construction.
During the construction process, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the existing Ialy HydroPower Plant project, and regularly monitor the safety parameters of the dam and the plant. Along with that, Ialy HydroPower Plant should promote the application of science and technology in construction investment and construction management at an advanced level, the data needs to be digitized to serve the management and operation of dam safety and equipment after the project is completed.
For Ialy Hydropower Company, it is necessary to continue to support the operation of the existing Ialy hydropower reservoir to serve the construction and ready human resources to accept and operate after the project is completed.
Mr. Cao Xuan Thanh - Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development emphasized that the expansion of hydropower plants to play the role of "platform power supply" in the context of strong renewable energy development, is very necessary. The Ialy Power Plant Extension Project with a capacity of 360MW is of great significance to national energy security. 

Ialy Hydropower Plant Expansion Project:
- Investor: Vietnam Electricity 
- Representative of the investor to manage and operate the project: Power Project Management Board 2
- Design consultancy unit: Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 
- Construction site: Ya Tang commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province and Ia Mo Nong commune, Ia Kreng commune, Ialy town, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province
- Capacity: 360MW (2x180MW)
- Total investment: nearly VND 6,400 billion 
- Commencement: June 2021
- Expected power generation of unit 1: second quarter of 2024; generating unit 2: third quarter of 2024
- Completion of the project: December 2024.

Sounce: EVN

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