Losing patience, VN Index sharply tumbles to 500 pts

14/07/2010 09:57:20 - views: 2,521

The galloping market caused tiredness and impatience among investors.

Many investors lost patience and continuously made selling orders. The VN Index slumped sharply to the threshold of 500 points at the end of today session.

After the first trading session, the VN Index only declined slightly by 0.8 point. However, in the continuous put-through phase, VN Index sharply dropped by 1 percent and at the closing time, the index of Hochiminh Stock Exchange (STC) approached the threshold of 500 points when losing 5.73 points or 1.13 percent to end at 500.82 points.

There was plenty of low-price supplies, resulting in a sharp rise in market liquidity. The market reported total matching order trade of over 45.8 million shares for 1.283 trillion dong in value, up 28 percent in volume and 24 percent in value in comparison with yesterday session.

According to the statistics, among the listed share codes and fund certificates, 195 codes plunged, 27 codes jumped and 26 codes stood still.

In the group of large cap share codes, only BVH and MSN gained 200 dong and 500 dong respectively and VIC, VNM stayed unchanged, the others had a downtrend session.

Regarding trading volume, STB took the first position with sudden increase of over 5.22 million shares being transferred, followed by OGC and PXI with over 1.67 million shares and GGT with 1.5 millions
Similarly, the HNX Index slumped by 2.48 points or 1.57 percent to 155.8 points with total market trade of 32.76 million shares for 939.76 billion dong, up 22 percent in volume and 19 percent in value compared to the previous session.
Theo: VietNamNews


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