Foreign trading triples

07/11/2007 00:00:00 - views: 2,747

Yesterday, in the event that the market went downwards in the early session of the week, foreign investors accumulated nearly 3.5 million units, over-tripling the last week’s trading.

On two Securities Trading Centers of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, buying-in reached 3.42 million units, which equalled to VND 427.5 billion while selling-out achieved about 2.7 million units, equalling to VND 333.9 billion.

On Ho Chi Minh City’s trading floor, foreign investors bought in 3.1 million units, approximately VND 409.6 billion, which accounted for 26.9% of trading in the whole market. Selling-out recorded 2.36 million units with the total value of VND 301.7 billion, which made up 19.87% of trading. Moreover, foreign investors agreed on trading with the block of 56,220 BMP shares.

Buying-in of yesterday’s trading escalated partly because the trading of code DPM suddenly rocketed up to 926,780 units which valued VND 263.5 billion. Other codes that have been accumulated consisting of VTO, PPC and FPT with 200,000; 192,000 and 178,230 units respectively

Whereas, codes VNM and PVD were sold out with the largest proportion of 304,740 and 276,500 units. 

On Hanoi’s trading floor, trading was still retained at a low level with 228,200 units of buying-in, which equalled to VND 17.8 billion, and 286.400 units of selling-out, approximately VND 32.215 billion 

In about 3 recent weeks, when Vn-Index plummeted, foreign investors has continuously increased trading, of which, on average, buying-in has almost doubled. 

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